List of our frequently provided services in German jurisdiction:

international recovery of claims

Every businessman knows such cases: the customer has ordered and received the value of your performance, but then he refuses to pay. Or you try to obtain compensation or repayment of a loan. 

We accurately review your case and then we explain the scope of expedient actions to you. Of course, there are cases in which the debtor is insolvent. Even then, your claim might still be recoverable. Together we should find out for example, whether the debtors CEO is personally liable for your claim. It is also possible that we find a third party, for example, a parent enterprise or a legal successor who has to settle your claim.

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In even more annoying matters your debtor is located abroad or fled there. We not only 

We are pleased to provide the national or international assertion and enforcement of your claims. Do not  write off your debts precipitately!have a functioning network of international lawyers, but also of experienced international investigators, with whom we freqently work together. We have successfully located debtors in the United States, across Europe but also in Asia to recover receivables on behalf of our clients.


design, review and negotiation of international treaties and conditions

Our globally acting clients conclude cross-border agreements every day. As part of our services we create and assess such agreements, if  necessary after we have taken a deeper look insight into your business model. Additionally our longtime client relationships created profound industry knowledge on our side.

Telefon auf Schreibtisch.jpgThe spectrum of our service ranges from simple non disclosure agreements (NDA) to complex service or supply contracts. The German legal regulations concerning contractual terms and conditions or consumer protection require specific knowledge, which we will gladly provide to our clients  We also consult and accompany you in direct negotiations with your contractors in strategic and legal terms.


litigation in civil matters in Germany

International disputes make it necessary for foreign individuals or companies to consult an attorney admitted in German jurisdiction. German procedural law is complex and differs fundamentally from other rules, e.g. in the US and other countries.

We represent and advise you in legal matters at German courts. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, we enforce your rights.


asset recovery

Have you been betrayed and now you are looking for the offender? Someone has stolen your money or valuables and disappeared afterwards? The debtor refuses to pay or claims to be unable to pay?

1111 Brickell Ave - Miami.jpgTogether with our reliable network of international attorneys and investigators we globally find hidden debtors and we develop a specific strategy to make the offender pay or to utilize his hidden assets. Therefore we efficiently exploit all legal options in the country concerned.

Our goal is to recover your assets. The highly specialized professionals of our network are available worldwide for your case.


competition law, trademark law and copyright law

The protection of intellectual property and the rules of fair competition significantly differ from country to country.

UWG und Internetrecht.jpgWe gladly answer your questions concerning German jurisdiction or consult a network partner in the country concerned. In Germany a final written warning and temporary legal protection provide effective ways to quickly enforce your rights. The applicable laws and rules are complex.

With our experience from a variety of corresponding cases we protect your legal rights and defend you effectively against attacks or unfair practices of your competitors.


internet law

For eBusiness in Germany you need to know specialapplicable rules. We observe the devoloping relevant jurisprudence and use the current legal situation for the benefit of our clients at any time.

Webshops, the imprint obligation, revocation instruction and distance selling directive. Even German but especially international companies don´t know these terms and the resulting legal consequences.

We will help you find your way through the jungle of regulations and answer upcoming questions in your language.


strategic consultancy of international acting corporate entities

Some of our long-term clients are subsidiaries of international parent groups. In their matters it often is necessary to explain the specific provisions of the German law, for example labor law and consumer protection laws to the group management.

Since many years we are consulting Japanese companies concerning German regulations with clear, concise and useful information and guidance to allow them to make informed decisions about the matters for which they seek advice.

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The international lawfirm Stiletto Wilhelm & Colleagues is based in Cologne (Germany). We will soon be opening an office in Miami, Florida.

Our practice extends to all areas of business law and is focused on the counseling of corporate entities and high net worth individuals in the US, Germany and Europe. We are also representing and consulting different Japanese companies since 2008. In Terms of any kind of litigation or court action we are admitted in German jurisdiction only.

Our daily practice involves advisory services in German corporate, commercial, intellectual property, competition, product liability, employment and internet law, as well as litigation matters and worldwide debt recovery cases. We will handle your case across national borders, if necessary with our international network of handpicked attorneys and investigators, especially concerning (stolen) asset recovery and collecting of depts.

The founder of our law firm 

RAStiletto - TV.jpgStephan Stiletto earned his university degree in law at the prestigious University of Cologne. With excellent results, he successfully completed the practical graduating in stages at the public prosecutor in Cologne, the local civil court of Bergisch-Gladbach, the Police Department of the administrative district of Oberbergischer Kreis and two of the most prestigious civil and criminal law firms in the area.

As part of a fixed-term employment, he consulted Deutsche Telekom AG in matters of contract law and drafted and negotiated agreements in the field of group-wide content management. Prior to his legal career, he had studied economics at the UGH Siegen.

Together with the influences of his family of entrepreneurs and various internships, these experience make it is easy for him to grasp complex issues and to evaluate and then present his legal assessment in the often non-legal language of his clients. He emphasizes practical recommendations in order to create a basis for a well informed decision of his clients at any time.

Neither disputes with supposedly “big names” on the opponent side (for example, Wikipedia, Google, media groups, intl. banks) nor complex cross-border issues are unknown territory for him. Sensitive handling of critical issues and prominent clients as well as enforcing huge or untypical claims are part of Mr. Stilettos expertise.